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Saturday October 04, 08

"Alive and Kicking" Simple Minds (1985)

06:08 AM

Has it really been six whole months since I last popped in to say hello? My how time flies!

All is well here at Chez Alma...the children are thriving (but growing up WAY too fast!)...I am still enjoying my little adventures working at school and the MANY challenges of motherhood!...the Sarge is beavering away cracking crime at every turn...same old same old!

Nothing much to add except to say that I hope this little toe-dipping exercise finds you all well and enjoying life!

I shall leave you with a little piccy taken in our garden that really sums up my Summer and will hopefully warm the cockles of your hearts as Autumn takes hold...the leaves begin to fall...and the wind begins to bite!

And here's little old me on the beach in Dorset...proving that the trend for over-sized sunnies really does hide a MULTITUDE of sins for us 40-somethings!

Take care!

Love Alma xxx

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  • You and your are as lovely as ever... Hugs and a Kiss to you and your...

    Always Around for ya..
    Marisela -- Saturday October 04 2008, @12:02PM (#312482)
    (User #1865 Info)
  • well... kind of....

    You look gorgeous in your photo my dear.

    Looking forward to seeing ourselves on the telly next week?

    Kitty3780 -- Saturday October 04 2008, @03:15PM (#312486)
    (User #17786 Info |!/Kitty3780)
    "There is something I wanted to tell you..."
  • My how I've missed you!

    Good to see that you've been having a fab summer (although I am surprised that actually you had one- it seems to have passed me by...I'm still waiting for the sunny days to arrive so that I can wear my new dresses that I bought 'for the summer'. I get the feeling that I'm too late).

    Life is trotting along for me too...although at a scary pace! Am off to uni next week and I have so much to fit in before that! (Most notably packing!)

    Hope to see you blogging again soon,


    Wilde is on my side -- Saturday October 04 2008, @03:33PM (#312488)
    (User #13955 Info)
    I am the meek, I am the righteous, I am the Morrissey fan.
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  • So lovely to find a post from you! and the two pictures are lovely - you look so beautiful! I was going to post a pic from my recent beach holiday - but not after seeing yours!

    Has it really been 6 months?!?
    M-in-Oz -- Sunday October 05 2008, @06:12PM (#312525)
    (User #13934 Info)
    • Re:hello! by almareallymatters (Score:1) Monday October 06 2008, @12:09AM
  • Woo Hoo Alma`s back Are you back for good now Alma?
    tibby -- Tuesday October 07 2008, @01:22AM (#312587)
    (User #2713 Info)
    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey
  • Hi Alma. I'm glad you're back @ the journals.
    OrangeChicken -- Monday November 24 2008, @01:24AM (#314942)
    (User #14607 Info)
    Orange Chicken
    • Re:Hi Alma by almareallymatters (Score:1) Monday November 24 2008, @07:49AM
      • Re:Hi Alma by OrangeChicken (Score:1) Monday November 24 2008, @01:51PM

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