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Sunday September 09, 07

The Scorpion and the Vinegaroon

07:24 PM

Two men walked along the same sylvan path, and through conversation, the two discovered they both believed in the god, Bogu. As they ambled together, they talked excitedly about the great Bogu. The first man proclaimed, "My belief in Bogu is so great, that I fear no enemies nor death. I walk throughout this land without need of staff or knife or gun."

"Well," admitted the other man, "I believe in Bogu's greatness, too. But I also believe Bogu leaves it to us to protect ourselves against the forces of evil, so that we can spread word of his greatness. To that end, I carry a pistol with me when I travel."

The first man looked aghast. Your lack of faith is most disconcerting. We must part company at once, for your lack of faith in Bogu will only serve to corrupt my purity."

"But good sir..." countered the second man. "I do have faith in Bogu. I believe it was Bogu's infinite greatness that endowed me with the strength of a weapon to protect me from evildoers. Prithee, let us continue our travels together, as I have enjoyed our coversation immensely. Besides, this stretch of road is notoriously plagued with elements of evil."

The first man only scoffed. "You, sir, may keep your weapons. I shall keep my faith. We must part ways at once."

With great sadness and resignation, the second man strode off on another path through the woods.

Minutes later, the first man was descended upon by two evil men, who seized the man's arms and relieved him of his valuables, before slicing his throat and dropping him to the ground between them. As the last ounces of lifeforce seeped from the man's wound, one thief was heard to say, "What a stroke of luck! We have scored a tidy sum thanks to the two men parting company--especially after watching them for so long and wondering how we could ever overcome them both."

The two evil men disappeared into the dark of the woods.

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