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Tuesday January 08, 08


04:19 AM

On Sunday I went for a walk along the Thames at Wandsworth all the way to Putney and back again. It was wonderful. The weather was spot on and it was just everything I could have wished for. I was also alone.

Kept singing National Front Disco in my head as well...

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  • That's a lovely stretch of the Thames...used to spend a lot of time in that part of London "back in the day" watching Fulham play at Craven Cottage...but that was in the good 'ole days when you could stand up and watch the match...a Boveril at half time...and a walk back through the park and along the river to grab the train at Putney station...and change from a tenner too! (God I'm old!)

    Love Alma xxx
    almareallymatters -- Tuesday January 08 2008, @07:41AM (#290811)
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