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Sunday September 10, 06

Hang on to your ego.

11:52 PM

It's Monday and everything seems pretty good. Quins RL won't get relegated and I've decided to do my blog and this journal in tandem.

How could I ever leave you?

It didn't do that much over the weekend. I spent most of Saturday asleep. On Sunday I watched rugby league. There you go.

It's going to be another busy week at work but that's good. It'll keep me out of trouble. Not that I ever get into any trouble. Not real trouble.


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  • Normally I hate Mondays, but this one went swimmingly... :)

    Anyway, it's not possible to leave (not for me, anyway...it's an addiction. Although I don't think it's a very worrying one...better than heroin, I guess.)

    On Saturday I went to Sainsbury's. It was one of the most exciting things of my week. Mostly because I like nosing at what other people eat (and sneering too).
    Wilde is on my side -- Monday September 11 2006, @01:22PM (#234668)
    (User #13955 Info)
    I am the meek, I am the righteous, I am the Morrissey fan.
  • I'm happy you mentioned a Beach Boys song from Pet Sounds.

    Amazing how I cannot get youngsters to listen to it.
    Lon -- Wednesday September 20 2006, @09:16PM (#235215)
    (User #121 Info)

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