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Tuesday September 05, 06

Is this the beginning of the end?

02:39 AM

I feel like a bit of a fraud. What I write here has very little to do with Morrissey. I'm mulling over the idea of abandoning my journal and putting my efforts into my blog. I haven't made a decision yet. Needless to say that if I decide to go with the blog I'll post the address here.

Mother's on the mend by the way.

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  • Hardly anyone here writes about Moz, we're on here because we share an interest but that doesn't mean it's the only thing we can talk about.
    Keep your journal or i'll miss you xx
    angelunimportant -- Tuesday September 05 2006, @09:40AM (#234142)
    (User #14060 Info)
  • In my journal, the topics I generally address are:-

    1. Dull things I've been up to lately
    2. Girls I fancy
    3. Sports (...commenting on, not my personal sporting feats)
    4. Beer and where I have consumed it
    5. Non-Morrissey music I love

    So if you stop your journal because you think it lacks relevant content, I will too.

    Only you have more cause to keep it going because yours is excellent and mine is pants.
    Boy With The Thorn -- Wednesday September 06 2006, @04:13PM (#234196)
    (User #1359 Info | http://www.kraftwerk.com/)
    Reliably devious and truculent.
    • Re:Don't do it by Wandsworth Matt (Score:1) Sunday September 10 2006, @11:48PM

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