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Wednesday August 23, 06

Nothing Really

04:10 AM

Recently I discovered, or re-discovered the joy of egg sandwiches. I see the masses real back in horror. But actualy they're quite nice and rather filling. Which is what you need from a good sandwich. They're also realtive cheap when purchased from Eat or Pret. Which is also a good thing.

And they have to be made from free range eggs. That's very important.

A bit of cress in there as well goes down a storm.

I started the day with a bit of an infected sinus but I think I'm recovering. I'm looking forward to the treadmill tonight. Sad I know but I want to lose a little weight. Not much. Just about 4 Kgs.

One question: Is egg vegetarian?

Answers on a postcard please.

Thank you.

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  • Yes iggs are vegetarian, except you have to call them iggs (or is that just me?) I like them in sandwiches to, espectially the orange bit, that's my favourite bit, mmm....
    I'm gonna go have an igg sandwich
    angelunimportant -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @12:26PM (#232709)
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    • Re:Postcard by Wandsworth Matt (Score:1) Wednesday August 23 2006, @10:52PM
      • Re:Postcard by angelunimportant (Score:1) Thursday August 24 2006, @03:34AM
  • Yes, it's all very well to eat egg sandwiches but NOT in public...they stink. Especially if they've been festering in a lunchbox or something all morning.

    I have been vegan for over a year, and for some reason I have just recently been craving scrambled egg sandwiches (with salad cream)...your journal has not helped this!

    Although I have said that I will eat eggs if I can get them from a farm shop where you can see the hens pecking around freely for yourself...so maybe I should get some.
    Wilde is on my side -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @03:11PM (#232734)
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    I am the meek, I am the righteous, I am the Morrissey fan.
    • Re:Eggs... by Wandsworth Matt (Score:1) Wednesday August 23 2006, @10:56PM

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