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Wednesday August 16, 06

Hello, it's me.

04:47 AM

I'm currently on the Quorn trail at the moment. What do I mean? I'm trying to save money by not eating meat. You see decent meat in this country is expensive. I don't want to spend time eating chickens that have been couped up in a cage all their lives cannibalising and defecating on each other. So if I have to each meat I usually choose organic. At least the animals have had happier lives.

Unfortunately I'm on an economy drive. This means I can't afford organic meat. Rather than soil myself with non-organic meat, I've gone down the Quorn route. At least I'm safe in the knowledge that one of their sausages is not filled with lips, tits and arseholes.

They're very nice too and don't make a mess of my grill. That's a bonus.

Quorn is also cheap. It's also nice to think that an animal hasn't suffered for my dinner.

This doesn't mean I'm becoming a vegetarian. I each loads of tuna, which makes me fart. A lot. Much to my flat mate's dismay.

And amusement.

However, my father told me there's a lot of mercury in tuna. That worries me. Maybe I shouldn't eat so much. We'll see. It's only for this month.

I'm going to investigate Quorn on the web...

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