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Tuesday August 08, 06

When I sleep, I sleep well. When I sleep...

10:57 PM

I do enjoy a good sleep. My flat is quiet and I'm rarely woken WHEN I HAVE THE WINDOW CLOSED. Unfortunately I have to have the window open at the moment. This means I occaisionally get disturbed by passers by. Is it necessary to shout at midnight or beyond? What possible excuse could there be?

And stupidity is not an excuse. It's a reason, an unacceptable reason.

Now you can't go punishing people for being stupid.

Or can you?

Now there's a thought.

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  • ..as Eddie said on Ab Fab...

    So Anyway, I just thought I'd say I also found that London is very annoying for people screaming at the top of their lungs after midnight. It's one of the many things about the place I DO NOT miss.

    You never hear a peep where I live after about 10. Except perhaps weekends, but probably not.

    Carry on!
    bobmozza -- Wednesday August 09 2006, @12:08PM (#231043)
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