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Monday August 07, 06

Finding oneself through boredom

12:05 AM

It's getting humid again. This makes me unhappy.

Last night I was trying to get to sleep. I went to bed at a resonable hour. Due to the "heat" I left my window open. Throughout the evening I was treated to a domestic. A couple were having a heated debate in their Nisan Micra. At least I think it was a Micra.

The debate would have been fine if they had rolled up their windows but alas their windows were open. The gentleman was barely audible. Unfortunately this was not the case for the lady. She carried on rather annoyingly. If I had had a gun their would have been a bell tower moment for sure.

Thankfully gun control is rather strict in this country. America please learn.

By the way, I'm in shorts again. A nation weaps.

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  • He was probably whispering the most toxic sludge into her ear though.
    redpathetic -- Tuesday August 08 2006, @10:59AM (#230868)
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