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I'm a Goddess that loves going out on the town at night wonderfully dressed and aiming to catch everyone's eye. I don't wander about too much during the day 'cause everyone knows "we look better under neon lights" ! The Man in Black, The King and Morrissey are my HOLY TRINITY! Michael Caine is the koolest kat and Bettie Page the klassiest kitten. Taking pictures, making short videos and editing is what I love to do. I recently quit working for t.v. and hope not to return to it too soon, though. I love the 20s-60s and especially 40s and 50s. I collect old vinyl records and 45's. PinUps: Cheesecake and Glamour photography always get me hooked. Reading biographies, history, mythology, science, science fiction, murder mysteries and watching bad movies is what I love to do curled up at home. I also love sexy, retro clothes and lingerie, going to shows, drinking with friends, travelling, cooking and eating exotic food and...causing the usual mayhem... Europe is my current playground and the whole world is here for me to conquer...when I'm ready...and not too lazy.

Tiki Goddess (11842)

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My Brendan Fraser dream, Sunday August 01 2004, @11:20PM (0 comments)

So I had a weird dream about Brendan Fraser...

He was making a movie so I asked for my old job back so I could...maybe...get to work with him. The weird ...

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