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Monday December 20, 10


07:30 PM

So, the holidays of Christmas and New Years are merely days away. A whole year has almost passed by in the blink of an eye...and what have i done?? I swear, the year to me has passed by to me in what seems to be timewise about six months, yet it's been a year.

Guess this is what happens when you get older...the old analogous toilet paper roll running out of paper the closer it gets to the end...of the toilet paper roll, that is..and i suppose the other end too, if you wanna be pervy about it.

To get back to why i titled this journal the way i did...my best friend's mother is very sick with pnemonia right now. She's been prescribed all sorts of antibiotics. If she doesn't respond to this latest round, she may die. My friend asked me to call her today...i tried..her mom didn't answer. It's one of the most difficult phone calls i will ever have to make...to someone who may be dying. When my own father was dying, i didn't know how the hell to react.

One of the most horrible things to endure in life is to watch someone die while you are in horror of their pain, and then feeling a sense of relief after they have passed on. Not that you're glad that they're dead, but relieved that they are not suffering any longer.

But yet you still feel a tiny bit guilty for wishing them death over excruciating pain. It's really difficult to describe.

Merry Christmas and Love you, Dad.

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