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Saturday December 11, 10

Just Write

07:23 PM

Okay, there are a plethora of subjects occupying my mind tonight. So when i logged onto the internet a few minutes ago, i did my best not to log onto facebook or read any of the comments on the main page of Moz-Solo, so that i could arrive here to the journal section and journal my little heart out.

And i did it! Yay!

So, here goes nothing:

Working a retail job this "holiday" season (can't say Christmas, or else someone may have a stroke). I've done so before, but the hours being assigned this year have been the worst than they've ever been. There are literally less than seven hours between shifts on some days. In the past, management were able and willing to accomodate you and adjust your work schedule so it would be more bearable to work these crazy shifts. Not so much these days. You bring this subject to their attention and they pretty much shrug their shoulders and say; "you're on your own, kid".

The economy is still in pathetic shape, although the media keeps saying it's getting better (um...better for whom????). Yeah, so. Things seem so bad job wise...and not just my own experience, but that of those around me...that i wonder if our society (yes, the US) will resort to Dickensenian (sp) type of working conditions. And also, to be frank...that of Western Europe. Seems as if everyone's broke...Ireland, Spain, Greece...where has the money gone?? And the US is in debt in a ridiculous amount of money...where has all the money from all these countries gone?? Don't tell me China?!?! Well, i've probably answered my own question.

So what spurned this journal entry is: a friend of mine who i've known for 25 years recently attained her Master's degree in education. She was having a celebration tonight...i told her i would attend...i was very much looking forward to going and seeing her and stuff. Unfortunately, emotional, physical, and mental setbacks prevented me from doing so...

I blame it on the gawdamned retail job....and my period. I really do!!

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  • Do you really not know where all the money has gone? God, that's really depressing. Just how badly informed are people in the US? Well, to recap. It all began with the US banks, selling vast amounts of dodgy, worthless loans running into trillions to their own and other banks around the world. Inevitably, this bubble burst and the global banking system became on the verge of collapse. The only way to save the world economy from going into an even deeper recession, worse than anything you can imagine, was for the governments across the world to loan money to their banks (the so called bail out.) Consequently, just about every country in the Western world is now heavily in debt, because they've given all their money to the banks. To get back this deficit and balance their books, they're having to make spending cuts on all public services. In Europe this basic basic problem is exacerbated by problems connected with disparity in the Euro currency amongst countries who have stronger economies (Germany, France etc) than others who have weaker(Ireland Greece etc). The banks have to be kept running because they, via the markets and loans, are the basic engine of the capitalist system. So basically, the reason everyone around the world is fucked is because of the greedy bastards on Wall Street and in other markets around the world, who are still, even now, paying themselves gigantic bonuses, Christmas bonuses running into millions, with your tax payers money. No one can do anything because there is no global consensus to regulate the banks. It needs America, the largest economy, to take a lead in establishing such legislation, but they never will, because the capitalist system, IE greedy people working in unregulated markets, is what the US is all about and they see any attempt to introduce some kind of regulatory imposed fairness as evil socialism.

    It's wrong to blame China, they're just getting on the bandwagon, copying the American way.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2010, @04:38AM (#360142)
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