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"I've been beat up. I've been thrown out. But i'm not down. I'm not down. I've been shown up, but I've grown up (not really), and i'm not down, i'm not down.."

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Tuesday November 30, 10

"So This is Where the Future Lies....

10:42 PM

...With a Beer Gut Belly and an Open Fly..."
..so spout out the words by Anne Clark...a poet from the early 1980s, who set her poetry to synthizizer (sic) music, and was quite danceable to in teenybopper clubs back in the day. I still have a couple of her Twelve inches, on vynil, in storage at an undisclosed location. ;)
Anyway...so where am i going with this, you may ask?? Well...remember when you were young...very young...and thought you were gonna be bad ass and accomplish all these wonderful feats and make the world a better place?? Well, i was one of these unfortunate creatures who believed the dream...and the dream never came true. :( Instead, here i am, with a Bachelor's degree that doesn't mean shit to "those in the know". I'd love to pursue a Master's degree, but hate the debt i'd accrue, so that's outta the question.
    How sad...the degree i worked so hard for...and at times i felt like throwing in the towel..it seemed so difficult at times..doesn't mean SHIT!!!! There are high school dropouts doing better financially than me...why the fuck did i go to school?????

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