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"I've been beat up. I've been thrown out. But i'm not down. I'm not down. I've been shown up, but I've grown up (not really), and i'm not down, i'm not down.."

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Monday November 29, 10

Writer's Block Party

09:00 PM

Ugh. I was finally off from work today after working one of the toughest weekends imaginable. Of course, having much to do around the house it was extremely frustrating that my day was spent being completely unproductive. Due to the working conditions and hours from the past three days, i feel like i have temporarily swapped bodies with that of a ninety year old. But hey, tomorrow is another day, right? In fact, in about ten hours from now, i plan on moving mountains...of laundry.
So during my bout of unproductiveness, i have managed to live this entire day on the internet. I didn't plan on it that way...it just sort of happened. So i had FINALLY turned off the laptop, when something compelled me to turn it back on and come back to this grand old site and compose a journal entry. It was almost as if fate were directing me to do it..very weird. Maybe someone out there is in need of an insomnia cure, to which only i can provide!
I haven't really been doing much writing lately, as the writing bug hasn't bitten me in ages. I'd really like to get back into writing, as i used to be pretty good at it. Or maybe i never was. Nevertheless, it's always been something i've enjoyed doing. I think i may start writing in my personal journals again. You know, those blank books that you write in using something called a pen...lol.
Geez, i REALLY hope i feel better tomorrow. Right now i feel like a dried up sun-baked dog turd. Attractive, i know. :P
Well, again i'm at a loss for words, so i guess i'll just return to the writer's block party. Hopefully they have some drinks left.

Hasta Luego!

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