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"I've been beat up. I've been thrown out. But i'm not down. I'm not down. I've been shown up, but I've grown up (not really), and i'm not down, i'm not down.."

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Monday November 22, 10


05:10 PM

Well, here i am again, attempting to justify my existence via Morrissey-solo. Dot com. Tell your Dad, tell your Mom, lol.
Amazing i am here posting a journal entry in hopes of mouthing off about anything and everything, as i am at a loss for words at the moment. Don't know what's come over me, yet i do know at the same time. My mind is still in a state of emotional hibernation. And hey, it's the winter time...the time of year where grizzley bears and other "scary" animals choose to sleep in for six weeks straight. I'd love to be a "scary" animal in that regard!
Not feeling very well today. I obviously ate something that didn't agree with me. I feel like pooh...and i don't mean Winnie. More like this journal entry...i'll be the first to admit it. ;)
Hope everyone out there is having a great evening.

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