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Wednesday March 31, 10

Remembering Selena

05:18 PM

So .i've been notified by various media sources (i.e. the newspaper, radio, internet) that today marks 15 years since Tejano singer Selena was slain. :( My lord, she was only 23 years old. So beautiful, so talented, and such a heart of gold. I often wonder why God allows or even wills such tragedies like this to happen. I've read in many new agey type of books that it's for our spiritual growth. If this is true (which i suspect it is), then i want to be the obnoxious kid that disrupts the class and gets sent to the principal's office for bad behavior. I just don't understand it...why must a human being endure situations of agony in order to learn "life's lessons"?
Anyway, on a more interesting note, just wanted to share this little story: My father was working in Corpus Christi at the time of Selena's death. That day, he happened to be off from work, and was working out on his treadmill, and was listening to the radio. He said all of a sudden, the broadcasts were interrupted with the news about Selena. He heard the description of the location of the infamous hotel, and realized that it was only a mile or two from where he was staying. So he decided to brush his treadmill aside for the day and head out on foot to where all the commotion was going on (it was that close to him).
I remember he told me when he got there Selena was no longer there but had been rushed to the hospital. Yolanda Saldivar was there (her friggin' killer), and she had holed herself up in a vehicle, with a gun pointed to her head. There was a crowd around this vehicle of about 30 people or so, and they were like: "Pull the trigger!! Pull the trigger!!"

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