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Tuesday February 28, 06

Life is indeed a pigsty

11:35 PM

The goddamn snow is coming down like crazy and it's bloody march! An official springmonth? I fucking hate sweden...

I think I have an ingrowing nail, sounds ridiculous I know. But it starting to hurt like you would not believe...

I got my university application forms in the mail today... Am going to apply as soon as possible.

Would you like to note my home address?

04:59 AM

At school, suffering. The usual.

Longing for April 1st more than anything...

Here's the top ten songs I'm hoping he'll perform:
Such a little thing...
Jack The Ripper
Rushholme Ruffians
Dear God Please Help Me
There is a light...
Now My Heart Is Full
Still Ill
You Have Killed Me
Everyday Is Like Sunday
How Soon Is Now

Thursday February 23, 06

Karma: Positive

10:19 AM

Feeling fine... ish...

How uninteresting!

Saturday February 18, 06

Saturday night...

09:28 AM

...Is the loneliest night of the week...

Kill Uncle ain't that bad, but the most underrated album by Moz is without a doubt Southpaw Grammar.

My top 5 recording artists at this very moment:
1. Morrissey
2. Elvis Presley
3. Joy Division
4. Frank Sinatra
5. Johnny Cash

Dear god, how varied my taste seems to be.

Tuesday February 14, 06

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01:40 PM

I do not have anything important to say, really.
I was just wondering; could anyone who reads this, preferably an experienced Morrissey-concert-attendant, please give me some quality advice regarding getting really close to the stage at a concert. I always wanted to touch a halfgod.

Monday February 13, 06


06:02 AM

This morning at nine (swedish timezone) I purchased my ticket for Stevens gothenburg-gig on april 1st. The happiness i feel is surreal, a feeling i've never experienced before... I love him for all I'm worth...
Stay handsome!

Oh, here's a couple of lists:
Elvis Presley top 5
1. If I can dream
2. Promised Land
3. An American Trilogy
4. Unchained Melody - Live, June 1977
5. Suspicious Minds

Morrissey/Smiths albums
1. The Queen is Dead
2. Vauxhall and I
3. Meat is Murder
4. The Smiths
5. Southpaw Grammar

Tuesday January 24, 06

Life less successful

08:04 AM

Here we go... Diary...
I wish the ground would open up and take me down... I feel imprisoned I hope my life'll change after the summer, but until then

Monday January 23, 06

Life in a book

05:11 AM

Today I am glad. Because as I sit here the two books which I ordered last wednesday is currently waiting for me to pick them up at my local post office. The books? Franz Kafka - the diaries 1910-1923 and Jean-Paul Sartre's autobiography.

Besides this, life is a pigsty. Is loneliness punishment or some sort of reward? I'll wait patiently for the answers...

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