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Sunday November 15, 09

2 Apologies & 1 Thank you...

08:58 PM

First, I owe apologies to both Favour and Wildey for my STILL not staying in touch... But, just to say that you have both been in my thoughts, and I do intend to contact both of you.

Secondly, I must extend a BIG thank you for inspiring me to laugh out loud at your current entries, my dear Favour. :D Hahahaha, I knew I was in for an amusing read, but by the time I got to *bedpan* I was falling out of my chair. I raise a toast to you, my dear, we do very much need to catch up. :)

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  • Hehe no worries love!

    These things take time...
    Wilde is on my side -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @02:38PM (#344536)
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