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Thursday July 30, 09

I miss you, too! :)

01:03 AM

08:40 AM when you're on a holiday

reminds me of someone who used to hang around here who said I was a good egg ("ha!")...if slightly cracked. I kinda miss her. :-)

Would that have been moi, my dear Favour?!

BTW, I got your last email, but have been so shamefully behind in my correspondence...Indeed, it was months ago now, yet you have been in my thoughts, so I must send a jot or 2 to you. I've been wondering how you are, and I've news to share since last we spoke; it's too much for me to sing (my life, that is), but I'm considering an opera, if only I could compose an aria like Puccini! Or, perhaps I shall attempt a play...! :D

Aye, I may no longer "hang around here" anymore, but I still look in from time to time just to keep up with the good, yet cracked eggy weggs on here! ;)

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  • (does a lil happy dance) It's so fookin great to hear from you J. :-D
    lol, don't know why I took that quote personally (is it because it all revolves around lil old MOI and my EGO is the size of the world's largest omelette? Possibly.) But trust another detailed obsessed Virgo to locate it in a flash! :-D

    You MUST send an email and tell me everything about everything in your life, or I shall set the internet on fire!

    (Thanks anyway for giving me a sign of life, I feel like weeping a bit now, well done. Snfff.)


    PS/ I think you're the only person on earth who misses me when I am constantly around. ;-) Well me, I think it's schweet, and it makes me feel schmug! (collective eyeroll).
    favour -- Thursday July 30 2009, @01:16AM (#337539)
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