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Thursday December 06, 07

Je Suis *Raze*!

10:57 PM

First just let me say that as soon as I pull up M-solo I've started looking at one of 2 things; it's a toss up of whether I look at the Main page 1st, or...Favor's current journal entry!

Well, this time it was seeing the photo of Morrissey in *that* t-shirt Je Suis Morrissey that caused me to peruse that particular topic and read the comments left thus far. But, wait a tick! I MUST add that it was WHEN I saw this particular t-shirt on Morrissey that I just KNEW Favor was somehow connected to it ~ and so, after perusing the comments which were thus far left within that topic, I then clicked over to the Journals as I also KNEW to expect Favor's new entry to addressed this said t-shirt...Oh, but of course, I was right, lol. ;)

RE: I'm starting to wonder how much the press would give me if I tipped them off about that T.shirt?

My advice?! Well, do you have anything to lose by offering this *tip* at a certain price that then would afford you to send to your loved ones small tokens showing them how much they mean to you hence would bring a bit of love and happiness into their lives? Weigh the importance of that to what you stand to lose by tipping off the press, and there you have your answer, dear Favor.

Anything that is done from the goodness of your heart and would also benefit those who may have very little love and happiness in their lives is something well worth doing, my dear Favor. ;)

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