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Monday October 02, 06

Paradise Lost

03:07 PM

During my local travels, a few years ago I'd spent a bit of time in Lancaster proper (and only drove through *Paradise*) and was very charmed by the Amish's simple lifestyle, and admired with great respect their steadfast ways which adhere to living peacefully. It is not a lifestyle I could easily embrace for myself since I love having all mod cons. But now, the County of Lancaster will never be the same again. Not after what took place this morning. I am filled with sorrow having read:

The gunman, a truck driver identified as Charles Carl Roberts IV, 32, entered Wolf Rock School in Paradise, Pennsylvania, just after 10.30am brandishing a handgun and automatic shotgun.

Innocent victims of "the corruption of the outside world"

The Amish Way of Life

I found this part as the most saddening - an unique glimpse of a rare example of the loss of innocence:

  1. This would have been shocking to the children," said Professor Donald Kraybill, an expert on the Amish community. "They wouldn't have been exposed to any of this on television."

In my opinion, there is not much left in the way of pure innocence in this world to-day...And to-day someone in my country - America, The Beautiful - may have just destroyed what could have been its last capsule of innocence.

This sounds like more of a DIRGE to me

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  • Well said, Raze. I am shocked this could happen in rural, Amish, PA.

    No place is safe...not even my spread in the middle of Texas...far away from urban Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston but now simply vulnerable too...
    Lon -- Monday October 02 2006, @11:21PM (#235833)
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    • Re:Well said by Raze (Score:1) Tuesday October 03 2006, @03:36PM
  • I wonder what happened to him 20 years ago.
    redpathetic -- Tuesday October 03 2006, @11:38AM (#235939)
    (User #6184 Info)
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