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Wednesday July 12, 06

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum...

03:10 PM

So in case anyone missed this:

Rare Smiths!

Kudos to the chaps and chapesses over in the Forum!

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  • *scratch scratch scratch*

    I just listened to My Dog Has Fleas. There's a fine example of positive thinking.
    redpathetic -- Thursday July 13 2006, @02:55PM (#228218)
    (User #6184 Info)
    Happy in this final acceptance of his own absurdity...Albert Camus
    • Re:Awww;} by Raze (Score:1) Thursday July 13 2006, @07:34PM
  • Thought I had inadvertently ingested some drugs. I like how Sandie seems unruffled by it all, like, "how can you say it's a home when you know it's a graaaaave?.- Naaaaah, why, this is completely normal, I sing that to my own kids aaall the time" and turns to Johnny who nods along smiling to himself when this is probably the most perverse moment in the history of Children's programmes EVER.

    This is so surreal you have to laugh and hug Elmo very very hard to make sure it's never gonna happen again.

    God I'm glad Johnny and Sandie gave up that majijuana cookies habit. But why so late? lol

    As for Morrissey. Morrissey and kids: it was a no-no. It's now a no-no-no. Imagine him babysitting! "Dig a shallowwwww graaaaave..Now sweets dreams, honey, I'll turn the light off."

    *Don't miss Nancy singing "Bengali in Platforms" to babies in a nursery in Vietnam next week in " Morrissey's bus".
    includes exclusive Playboy footage of Queen's rarely seen arse tatoo.
    Leaves your kids' education to us, teachers are vile.*
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 15 2006, @11:05PM (#228442)
    • Mind you... by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday July 15 2006, @11:18PM
      • you tube by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday July 15 2006, @11:37PM
  • Hm, tried to leave appreciative comment in Sullen's journal, but I'm too anonymous, so can't, so may I just say here it's a beautiful entry.

    All in all, a worthwhile brief visit to Msololand, which I am glad I visited one last time before it's hacked (daft grin.)

    One thing I absolutely want to say before leaving; Morrissey is slowly but surely turning into Joe Cocker. Whom I love. But not in a romantic sense.
    Only, I'm sure Joe doesn't spend his time saying absurdly horrible uncalled for things about everybody like M does in interviews. Which is why he's much sexier ansd stands a better chance to ever see me at one of his gigs.

    You would do well to ponder that, and read your bible today, before boarding Morrissey's bus again (ooooh must you?)
    *today: Regent's Park zoo. Jobriath sings Cole Berlin to orang utans. Let's go observe their reactions, children!*
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 16 2006, @08:48AM (#228457)
  • Jack Black: yes. He's cuddly and funny.
    Morrissey: no.
    For once we agree.

    School of Rant...
    Jack Black: not particularly.
    Morrissey: yes.A thousand times yes.

    And the Oscar goes to... Kew gardens. (Again!)

    (Eternally grateful to David for allowing me to write for MS, btw. Can I wash your feet and then dry them with Nancy Sinatra's wig David? lol)

    Steven? A spoiled brat? Understatement of the year. I guess Julia will be the one changing nappies for a loooong time to come! lol! What size does a 47 y.o. baby need, for nappies? Do they even make them?

    Maybe in Boston they do...

    Anonymous -- Friday July 21 2006, @05:56PM (#229053)

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