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Tuesday July 11, 06

A Little Doggy Ditty For Kenny

12:23 PM

I thought of our KenBarlow when I came across this charming tune and thought to email it to her; but then a 2nd thought occurred to me: Post it here so others can share in its playful sentiment that captures the happy-go-lucky personality of our canine companions.

My Dog Has Fleas

Tales, do you note a bit of Stanshall here too? ;)

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  • I love it- thanks for thinking of me!
    Actually, I've been neglecting my imaginary dog for the past few months (aswell as you and Betty) so it's nice to be reminded of the joys of dogginess.
    It reminds me of Sexton Ming and Billy Childish's song "little dogs and Monkeys" who bravely go in to space- without a parachute (boo hoo)
    KenBarlow -- Wednesday July 12 2006, @11:06AM (#228006)
    (User #13803 Info)
    There is no such thing in life as Norman
  • So you like the Bonzos?

    I should have known, from previous evidence of your impeccable taste! (Wilde, Moz, and particularly Python)

    I am just starting to get into them...alas, I do not have many of their songs but what I do have I like!

    But the greatest thing of all is: (if tickets do not run out before I get paid) I shall be seeing them live in November (minus poor dear Vivian. Sigh.)...they're coming to my humble town! Hurrah!
    Wilde is on my side -- Thursday July 13 2006, @03:57AM (#228128)
    (User #13955 Info)
    I am the meek, I am the righteous, I am the Morrissey fan.
    • Re:Aha! by Raze (Score:1) Tuesday July 18 2006, @03:47PM

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