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Thursday March 16, 06

Nature Played It's Trick On Me...

04:59 PM

Politically the world is ridiculous; but there's still a lot of beautiful things ... Nature saves us, nature calms us down.

~ Morrissey, Billboard Magazine March 16, 2006

So, very true! Spring can never arrive soon enough for me as I miss my drives out into the country up around Mendocino, the Sonoma Wine Country, and down around Big Sur. It's the only thing that utterly soothes my soul.

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  • Haven't spoken to you in ages so I thought I'd pop by (popped by? Swarmed by more like! Hope you're still enjoying Python!)...

    As for me, I hate spring because spring means it's soon to be summer and I can't stand the sun. I hate the way everyone gets abnormally happy when the sun comes out. So fickle. At least I am consistent- in being grumpy.

    What do you think of ROTT? You have heard it, yes? What's your favourite? I'm listening to it now-'Life is a pigsty'. Wasn't as fond of this originally, but it's such a grower! It's breaking my heart! God bless Moz. What a wonderful man.

    You'll be pleased to know that I'm reading more Wilde- have been reading Earnest (and eventually I couldn't resist acting it out. Goodness only knows what the neighbours must have been thinking of me if they heard me. I think I got the 'A handbag?' tone of voice nailed. I've definitely gone for the comedy vibe on it.)

    Also been reading Salome, which is superb- have been scribbling down the quotes. My favourites:

    'It is only the sick who dream.'

    'Ho! Ho! Miracles! I do not believe in miracles. I have seen too many.'

    Hope you are doing well!
    Wilde is on my side -- Friday March 17 2006, @04:18AM (#203976)
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    I am the meek, I am the righteous, I am the Morrissey fan.
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  • Hello J.

    A few observations from the West:

    -Rocky 1, Rocky 2, Rocky 3, also known as "The Rockies" are not half bad movies.

    -St Patrick's day in Vancouver is totally mad.An awful lot of Japanese people seem to remember they have an Irish ancestor on that day.

    -Breaking your foot (YES) gets you immediate male attention. Take notes, Miss Wilde; so far, two amusing Alaskans, one very helpful Lebanese, and countless curious tourists asking "So, did you do that skiing?" (NO)

    -Flights home are very expensive.(No one will therefore hop around the Olympia trying to get people to give the handicapped some money. See below)

    -There are dogs in Canadian hospitals and nobody complains about dirty paws on the operation table, you can tell Ken that when she comes back.

    -It costs 288 dollars just to get in Vancouver hospital, but it will only cost 20 dollars if I go and see Hooky DJ here soon. As I can't dance I shall sit next to him all night and ask him to play "Pancake Party" by Electronic every ten minutes.

    Bye ducks, I shall hop back to the boudoir, ha ha! (laugh as if you knew what I meant.)

    signed:My left foot.

    (By the way, I spent the other night at Morrissey's down the road and actually had a good time.So, see!)
    (Nancy wasn't there.)

    If you see the Happy Singing Man that looks like somebody's uncle, ask him how much he'd rent his walking stick.I'm interested.

    Ciao Kittens!

    Anonymous -- Saturday March 18 2006, @03:00PM (#204266)

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