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Wednesday March 01, 06


04:03 PM

I was quite intrigued to see Morrissey's comment in the NME interview, part 2 (4 March 2006) regarding I Will See You In Far Off Places:

  1. A nod. “Absolutely, yes, I do feel very sad for the people of Iraq having been invaded by Bush and Blair – so many people have unnecessarily lost their lives and Bush and Blair don’t care. But within the song I believe there’s a certain spiritual sensation whereby, although we know that life will end we all have a feeling that we will meet again. Now why should we have that feeling? If we realise that everything is temporary, why do we all have this innate feeling that we will be together in some place?”

Indeed, a nice response to my own entry regarding the song:

Thursday February 02, 06
02:48 PM - A Blend of Karma and Reincarnation

I have longed to hear him sing such lyrics as these:

  1. Nobody knows what human life is
    Why we come, why we go
    So why then do I know,
    I will see you
    I will see you
    in far off places?


I also have to make a notation of his comment within the NME interview, part 1 (22 February 2006) as I've long expected to hear him say this too:

  1. “I only ever planned to be there (Los Angeles) for one year,” he recalls, “and suddenly seven years had passed. I was surprised that the city interested me for so long. It has the appearance of enthusiasm but it’s also quite dim and a crashingly naive place. But then America as a whole is a very naive country. When [Bush] gained his re-election, the effect throughout America was exactly the same as the after-effects of 9/11, when, for two weeks, everywhere was silent and people were stunned. Nobody actually knew what to say to one another, it was so dreadful. People were saying, ‘How could it possibly happen? Are politics this corrupt? Has something happened that the people are unaware of?’ Also, the press in America is very controlled and when you view Bush as being a terrorist, it’s very difficult to attempt to live under that regime.”

Ah, the tarnish of Tinseltown! And as for the 2nd term of Bush's regime, well, some of us just always knew the extent of his Administration's corruption. That there was not rioting in the streets and a revolution is quite beyond me.

everywhere was silent and people were stunned?

Not I, not I...

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  • Indeed (Score:2, Insightful)

    "everywhere was silent and people were stunned?"

    Capitalist culture has changed people's priorities; instead of fighting for a human ideology they are swayed by capitalist and political ideals that make them think having a four wheel drive and protecting their goods from intruders are the necessities in life.

    In my humble opinion :)
    KenBarlow -- Friday March 03 2006, @01:29AM (#201160)
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    There is no such thing in life as Norman

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