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Sunday October 23, 05

Centennial Celebration Of Disaster

03:30 PM

Since about a year ago, I have been noting the few books being published in time for next April, when '06 is a year of great significance to San Francisco.

I've just finished reading the review for 2 more books regarding our famous earthquake, and thought some of you would also like to read it, since like me, you may make note of the reasons why SF will be in serious trouble, thus you will all understand when the BIG ONE hits why so many of its citizens perished; of course, I am leaning towards Dennis Smith's book as that one, well...

                              It's too close to home
                              And it's too near the bone
                              It's too close to home
                              And it's too near the bone
                              More than you'll ever know...

A Lesson In Disaster...

An excerpt:

Today, Smith argues, budget cutbacks have led to a system of rolling "brownouts" of fire companies throughout the city, which means four to six fire stations are left unstaffed each day, leaving the Fire Department dangerously understaffed to respond to a citywide disaster. In the event of a major earthquake, Smith writes, the state of California has also mandated that the city activate 13 emergency response districts that will report to a central emergency command center. Local fire battalion chiefs will be required to stop what they are doing -- leading immediate firefighting and emergency rescues -- and conduct rapid assessments of the damage in their districts for the command center. Smith argues that this will severely diminish the value of the battalion chief's leadership during the critical first hours of neighborhood emergency response efforts.

It sometimes seems like not a day goes by without someone saying SF is a rich city. Bollocks! With so many cut-backs in areas where there should not be cuts-backs, SF is very poor in its decision-making.

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