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Thursday November 03, 11

Just checking to see if one can still post on here...

07:45 AM

Had to Google "Morrissey-Solo Journals" to find my way back here...

Sunday October 24, 10

Don't Puke My New Suede Shoes...

02:50 PM

Ah, Favour's current entry has me reminiscing on this rainy Sunday afternoon of the time I went to see The Slits when they 1st came to SF, in 1980. They were playing one of the many old warehouses, or semi-abandoned buildings that many local Punk bands back in the day would gig and/or rehearse. Forget who the local opening bands were as my best friend and I were doing our usual, hanging about "checking schedule" as we called it, and chatting with others who'd attend similar gigs we'd attended, too.

At any rate, we had to leave in the middle of The Slits playing their 1st song as my friend who had been drinking on an empty stomach quite spontaneously became sick right on one of my new black suede shoes. I was stood over her as she just slid down onto the ground saying she didn't feel well... After that I knew we couldn't stay at the gig, and I was not going to leave her on her own propped up against that wall whilst I stayed on watching The Slits, so I helped her up, and we went outside to hail a taxi to take her home. I remember her mumbling as we walked along, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Later the next day when I called to check in on her we had a laugh about it. Ah, we were young, and such things happen. I consoled myself that afternoon by pouring a brandy and listening to The Slits' "Cut" a few times, especially "Typical Girls" as that was a Raze song if ever there was one, so in keeping with my own way of thinking. ;-)

I still have the ticket stub somewhere... Only about $3-$5 down the drain. Alas, I couldn't remove that smell of sick from my suede shoe, so it and its mate had to be tossed into the bin. One of my friend's suggested I spritz a bit of her Ralph Lauren perfume on it, which resulted in a truly worse sickening pong; and now to this day, I can't bear to smell that perfume without an accompanying stench, hah.

Ah, but I'm smiling to myself now, as this was life before The Smiths and Morrissey existed. I had most of the recordings of The Buzzcocks back then, so remember Linder's eye-catching collage for "Orgasm Addict". Oh, but don't get me started on thinking about seeing The Buzzcocks when they played here twice within one month back in those many a gig-filled days/nights... Not even the horrible cold I remember suffering from at the time prevented me from enjoying what was one of the best gigs (I went to both, but remember one being the more spectacular) I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Indeed, who would've known any of these old memories would matter to anyone nowadays, or that they would end up influencing the future of music and fashion.

Oh, but back then, it all felt like a very private scene ~ one was quite on one's own, and wouldn't have it any other way...

Addendum: After I made this post yesterday, I thought to see if anyone put up any youtube vids of The Slits from the SF gig I had attended, and by strange coincidence learned that Ari Up passed away only 4 days ago upon my writing my entry... I extend my warmest condolences to the family and friends of Ari Up, an unique woman who blazed an extraordinary trail for many women inspired to form their own bands during a time when only Patti Smith was leading the way in a similar manner.

Thursday October 21, 10

Still amiss in my returning correspondence!

12:44 AM

My Dear Favour,

Glad to know you received my note of good wishes, though am surprised to hear they arrived a month late as I'd thought they'd not arrived at all in that your email's been quirky for quite a few months now. I've been given your new email address, though, so will make an effort to write something soon! I am well, indeed, and hope you are, too. :-)

Sunday November 15, 09

2 Apologies & 1 Thank you...

08:58 PM

First, I owe apologies to both Favour and Wildey for my STILL not staying in touch... But, just to say that you have both been in my thoughts, and I do intend to contact both of you.

Secondly, I must extend a BIG thank you for inspiring me to laugh out loud at your current entries, my dear Favour. :D Hahahaha, I knew I was in for an amusing read, but by the time I got to *bedpan* I was falling out of my chair. I raise a toast to you, my dear, we do very much need to catch up. :)

Thursday July 30, 09

I miss you, too! :)

02:03 AM

08:40 AM when you're on a holiday

reminds me of someone who used to hang around here who said I was a good egg ("ha!")...if slightly cracked. I kinda miss her. :-)

Would that have been moi, my dear Favour?!

BTW, I got your last email, but have been so shamefully behind in my correspondence...Indeed, it was months ago now, yet you have been in my thoughts, so I must send a jot or 2 to you. I've been wondering how you are, and I've news to share since last we spoke; it's too much for me to sing (my life, that is), but I'm considering an opera, if only I could compose an aria like Puccini! Or, perhaps I shall attempt a play...! :D

Aye, I may no longer "hang around here" anymore, but I still look in from time to time just to keep up with the good, yet cracked eggy weggs on here! ;)

Thursday December 06, 07

Je Suis *Raze*!

10:57 PM

First just let me say that as soon as I pull up M-solo I've started looking at one of 2 things; it's a toss up of whether I look at the Main page 1st, or...Favor's current journal entry!

Well, this time it was seeing the photo of Morrissey in *that* t-shirt Je Suis Morrissey that caused me to peruse that particular topic and read the comments left thus far. But, wait a tick! I MUST add that it was WHEN I saw this particular t-shirt on Morrissey that I just KNEW Favor was somehow connected to it ~ and so, after perusing the comments which were thus far left within that topic, I then clicked over to the Journals as I also KNEW to expect Favor's new entry to addressed this said t-shirt...Oh, but of course, I was right, lol. ;)

RE: I'm starting to wonder how much the press would give me if I tipped them off about that T.shirt?

My advice?! Well, do you have anything to lose by offering this *tip* at a certain price that then would afford you to send to your loved ones small tokens showing them how much they mean to you hence would bring a bit of love and happiness into their lives? Weigh the importance of that to what you stand to lose by tipping off the press, and there you have your answer, dear Favor.

Anything that is done from the goodness of your heart and would also benefit those who may have very little love and happiness in their lives is something well worth doing, my dear Favor. ;)

Saturday December 01, 07

~ All In Favour Of "Favor" ~

12:32 AM
      1. then raise your hand!

        *both hands RAZED* ;D

    This place was lacking a healthy dose of humour, but not anymore...

Monday November 26, 07

Ode To A Razor:

01:18 AM
Tuesday May 15, 07

Perhaps Morrissey Will Give Mention...

04:01 PM

at this evening's gig in Chicago? The world is only a better place without such people...

    1. Anyone for a cuppa Falwell?
Sunday April 29, 07

2 More Days Before Morrissey Arrives!

12:24 PM
    1. Everyday Is Just Like Sunday. *

Ummmm, everyday except for THIS Tuesday as it shall be...

My Evening With Morrissey! As the weeks have passed, the anticipation has been building up, slowly dispersing those insufferable moments of being silent and grey. Happiness awaits me, if only for a few hours ~ when everyone shall forget themselves to become ONE with him and with each other.

      1. Happy Sunday, my friends! :)
      1. ~ Raze xoxo
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