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I left the North, I travelled South.... Hello! lou, 30, living in North London with the luscious Rallen, but originally from the North West. A girl with a thorn in my side, my main loves are good food, fine wine, BDSM and cats. Semi-retired from Moz-solo, I check in occasionally to check the journals of good friends. Not drowning anymore...
Monday May 10, 04

Moz on lampposts

01:59 PM

I am going through a hideous lazy patch, I really can't be arsed doing anything. I should be organising where I'm going to meet everyone in Manc but I just don't have the strength. I also need to phone my ex and Nan, write some letters and emails, send some texts, pay some bills, sort a cleaner and iron some clothes. I can't do it, I've lost all motivation. Shit I need to organise a haircut too. At least I got my legs waxed and booked a manicure. Yes, 28 and my first manicure. I'm getting a facial next month too (no ejaculation jokes please).

I finally got the Missy Elliot album Miss E - So addictive, only took me 3 years. It's ace! Unlike the Kelis album, which is very disappointing. Ummm what else. Dunno. Got the Pixies DVD but haven't watched it yet.

I cancelled my Moz CD singles which I had on order from Amazon. I downloaded the tracks from the message board and was sorely disappointed. There were Moz posters all over the lampposts in central London today, it was hella weird. But to be honest I hated it. It doesn't even look like him, the picture could be anyone. I can't get excited, I really don't care anymore. All these years of devotion with no new songs, and now this. I've never felt the same since the 'cease and desist' thing (whether true or hoax). I thought I'd hear the songs and fall in love, but there's only about 2 really good ones. The rest are sooooooooo predictable, I knew what chord change was coming from about 5 seconds away.

You know what, I can't even be arsed with this anymore, I don't have anything to say.

I'm looking forward to meeting Lucretia, and having a proper chat with Tales next weekend :o)

So it's not all bad...


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  • Hear! Hear! (Score:1, Interesting)

    I agree Lou!

    But usually you cant even utter that without being bashed!

    Take Care!
    Happy Knowing Nothin -- Monday May 10 2004, @02:26PM (#101392)
    (User #8693 Info)
    I am what I am
    • Re:Hear! Hear! by Northern Bird (Score:1) Tuesday May 11 2004, @02:11PM
  • i truely do
    i dont know
    my faith in moz is still devout, even though iv probably overplayed him like everyone else here

    maybe its because hes now mainstream?
    thats bollocks i know
    i dont know
    im bored
    and i dont care either
    its probably healthier!
    ManchesterMoz -- Monday May 10 2004, @04:22PM (#101436)
    (User #4642 Info)
    keep two chevrons apart
  • oh hooray (Score:1, Funny)


    Always looking for attention
    Always needs to be mentioned
    Who does she
    Think she should be ?
    The shrill cry through darkening air
    Doesn't she know he's
    Had such a busy day ?

    Tell her ... sshhh
    Somebody tell her ... sshhh
    Oh, no way, no way, there's no movement
    Oh, oh, hooray
    Slowest ...

    It was only a test
    But she swam too far
    Against the tide
    She deserves all she gets
    The sky became marked with stars
    As an out-stretched arm slowly

    Oh hooray
    No, oh, oh, woh, there's no movement
    No, oh, hooray
    Oh, hooray

    Please don't worry
    There'll be no fuss
    She was ... nobody's nothing

    (What's your name ?)
    (What's your name ?)
    (What's your name ?)
    (What's your name ?)

    When he awoke
    The sea was calm
    And another day passes like a dream
    There's no ... no way

    (What's your name ?)
    (What's your name ?)
    (What's your name ?)
    (What's your name ?)
    Anonymous -- Monday May 10 2004, @09:50PM (#101490)
    • Re:oh hooray by Northern Bird (Score:1) Tuesday May 11 2004, @02:22PM
  • Totally agreed with you about Morrissey.

    I just read the sunday times interview. Is this what Morrissey has become? A sad pasthice of his former self. All this 'East End Gangster' bollocks is frankly embarrassing. He looks like what he is, an aging rock star. What happened to the excitement? What happened to his witty comments we all loved? Morrissey has been the same for well over 10 years; dull, repetitive and well out of touch with the modern world.

    I heard his new album and I like it, especially teh single, but I'm not going to buy it. I can'tbe arsed.
    davidtwigg -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @05:36AM (#101565)
    (User #8102 Info)
    • Re:Bore-issey by Northern Bird (Score:1) Tuesday May 11 2004, @02:25PM
    • Re:Bore-issey by Stan Cooke (Score:1) Wednesday May 12 2004, @02:57PM
  • I know,I know, why is it after all this time,hoping this would happen,is it so...


    baaaah,time to get obsessed with summat else.

    *picks at feet*
    pillow -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @06:10AM (#101571)
    (User #5286 Info)
  • So predictable.

    This comment, and the sychophantic replies, smack of the dreadful "indier than thou" aesthetic that one expects from the type of people who go to clubs like the S & G.

    "I liked The Dead Sea Monkey Band before you"

    "Yeah, but I saw Oasis at KTWWH the night McGhee signed them"

    "I liked Moz before he was popular"

    Gad, it stinks, listen to yourselves.

    As for criticising the new album that is equally is a rock solid return to form.

    Now, admittedly my response can be criticised as virulently as a simple screeching "Moz is untouchable" diatribe but truthfully I love the fact that Morrissey is on the verge of being "big" and I love the album...I hated Southpaw and Maladjusted, Kill Uncle I threw in the bin!

    I am not the same evil anonymous who posts nasty things about Lou here...I am someone who loves her passion and her liberated attitude...I just think this entry is a bit...smelly!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 11 2004, @09:20AM (#101625)
  • Missy Elliot over YATQ?

    "get the biscuit, theres something suspicious going on here"

    "a murrder?"

    "naw, naebodies deid, but ah think we've got a psycho on the loose"

    Seriously honestly don't rate songs these songs? blimey! I've been well impressed with YATQ, perhaps only with the exception of 'I'm not Sorry' which is pretty bland. Songs like come back to camden, you know i couldn't last, let me kiss you, i have forgiven jesus, i like you crashing bores etc etc etc in my humble opinion reflect a very rich vein of form. I'm sure you'll change your mind after the MEN..

    If not it is worth rejoicing that after all those years of sticking up for Moz, he is finally getting some long overdue recognition for his contributions to British music. Superb bands (libertines, FF, shins, killers etc etc ) are queueing up to praise his work and style. The summer of Moz lies ahead with the festival appearances, meltdown etc where Moz will take centre stage and claim his righful place at the top of the british music chain. By November things will have tailed off and be back to normal oblivion and scraping around for news. Even if it is only as an approving nod to his back catalogue, make the most of the coming months, enjoy the Moz exposure, milk the concert appearances, smiths nights, live smiths covers etc as it may be some time until they come round again in such number, if ever.
    Stan Cooke <[email protected]> -- Wednesday May 12 2004, @03:14PM (#102078)
    (User #5912 Info)

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