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Tuesday December 07, 10

when we were young....

10:16 PM

I sat wishing that I had something to write.

And I remembered this little journal.

I've missed it so.

Life is strange. I read the old writings here and I feel ancient. Though I am nowhere close to old. The posts make me feel like I lived a lifetime.

The pain is still here, but it is lessened and different. In an insane age, I feel out of place and very unnatural.

But this is why we are here. We all gathered around the music that saved us.

It is good to be home.

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  • It's a lovely surprise finding your words on here as I'd thought of you recently and wondered how you were doing! Indeed, a lifetime seems to pass before one's very eyes when one reads over one's journal on here. All the happy and not so happy times we've shared with one another, too...

    And, the pain, whether it lessens or differs from year to year, reminds us to seize each and every day if even to only remember to treat ourselves with kindness. :-)

    J. Razor -- Wednesday December 08 2010, @02:05AM (#359960)
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