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Tuesday October 18, 05


11:25 AM

I am trying my best to accomplish all of the things that I am tied and obligated to.

I don't know if I can.

Not that I care too much. It's just that it bothers me that these petty worries creep into my mind when I'm not paying attention.

*sigh* and just yesterday I said that it was all ok.

damn it.

But you know what? Fine. Fuck em. Let other people have to worry about the tedious things for a bit.

I'm not pleasing anyone.

Maybe not even myself.

Which, is ia sign that I should throw everything out and start over.


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  • MozGirl18! :)

    I've wondered how you've been...

    I've learnt to stop myself from telling anyone when they ask how I'm doing, that things are well and were finally turning around for me, i.e., ok as no sooner would I say that then something drastic would occur...

    Oh, but the gods can be so jealous when they see our lives anywhere near being content that they must sling a lightning bolt at us. LOL, my own suit of armor is quite battered by now!

    Throwing out what's not working and starting a fresh sounds good in theory; but one still should find even the smallest of ways in which to please one's self. :)

    J. Razor -- Tuesday October 18 2005, @11:49AM (#182071)
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    I'm Alone

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