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Tuesday December 28, 04

Hedline: New Age Crap Makes Good!!!!

12:32 PM

Alright, alright..... I am not a firm believer in New Year resolutions. Most of the time people are just making them because they have reevaluated their lives during the holidays and/or have had family members point out what is so obviously wrong with them, and suddenly feel the need to improve upon their vile ways.

Stay with me here.

But not I. The only thing close to a resolution that I made was about two weeks ago when I discovered that I really do feel like crap. This is most likely due to high stress, lack of sleep, and pushing myself. Constantly. So I have decided to try and save my cruddy little soul by being a bit more cautious with my health.

Will I still smoke? Of course.

Will I still drink? Of course.

Will I go on some crazy diet in an attempt to improve myself? No.

I will just take everything in moderation.

Including moderation.

This means that I am going to attempt to take the vitamin suppliments that I am supposed to be taking in the first place, and I am going to try and do some yoga or something to prevent the constant aches and pains.

Do you really care about any of this? I didn't think so.

In other news, I am still an emotionally deformed person and feel like I am driving my poor boy to the breaking point.

He says that he loves me.

I believe him.

I just feel sorry for him that he does.

I am not like other girls.

A rock AND an island-

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  • LOL, I knew that all along - which is why I like you!

    As for resolutions, I've never bothered with them myself; what's the point as something always comes along and changes one's mind:
    "I sat in my room and I drew up a plan
    Oh, but plans can fall through (as so often they do)"
    J. Razor -- Tuesday December 28 2004, @05:05PM (#145313)
    (User #724 Info)
    I'm Alone

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