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Monday October 04, 10

Monday Monday!

04:44 PM

Being put to the Test. I have been very patient as of now something that I am learning is that I am worth being patient with myself. With my work and my effect with people. I was raised in a very fashionable place. Always something happening. Quite an adventure. Now I have decided that I can take life and move with it,which I am happy about.I see How the world is at this moment I can see and understand our politics about it. Yet I still have to much inbetween to learn about..
So I shall set goals.

Patients is the key word for me this yr. It seems a little to quiet.
Yet, I have to learn.
Patients with myself.
Patient with the ones I love.
patients with the people I meet.
patients at finishing what I start.
Or where I left off.
Patients to Stop, Look ,and Listen.
Patients In my Brain!?! hahaha

Yeah , I guess It all comes back to me.

Our Economy is pretty bad here in Cali.
Many are still losing their jobs.. Yet they say here is a place where there will be many jobs for you! Yet, you have to have have a degree!? haha Ok I am nooooo maker of horse shoes either.. Haha that sounds like fun!
Anyhow, we try to get by..Times are pretty crazy.

well I started doing Tai Chi It's actually great!
I love it.
and tonight I am going to a meditation class. Infinity is the name.
I like that.
But I really have to get to the Tai Chi class on Saturday mornings.
as they say you shall be there when the time is right.
Life happens, that is for sure.
I best get myself going I could actually write so much. But it would be a Book! I am well happy and can just love I am willing and able:)

Happy Fall Marisela!

Patients. Love. Peace. Faith. Hope...
Yeah, right on!

monday Monday!

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  • You should write a book! Your life is full of interesting stories, and your sense of humor shows your goodwill to all. I hope you keep a diary, or notes of some kind, for some day you may decide to write your memoirs. ;-)

    Pimpernel -- Thursday October 07 2010, @01:11AM (#357595)
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