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Journal of Marisela (1865)

Friday May 07, 10

Free as a Bird

01:42 PM

To see our beautiful earth. Trees, Sky, People walking by.
The Air?
How can I get familiar with it all again..
It can be overwhelming to the skin and I feel it's beauty in my eyes.
Yet, This air,it can be so refreshing, yes! as it should be. To feel free!
To walk down the street knowing you owe nothing!
And Just watch!
Knowing there are many people that are inspiring,loving warm kind witty hard working. It makes me want to look harder..
To see people for who they are.I shall make a chioce of how you want to live in my clean slate!

To have the option, to have choice! to have a voice.
Black or white! is no longer what has to be.
you can go with orange blue or pink!
Choice to create, build, or even mold!

It may be somewhat hard to recover or to fit in. Yet, we all need to HOPE!

There is and will always be war. We must except this fact.
Maybe, maybe someday it will all be about love and unity and make burdens lighter.

But, for now, let me just try to Fly!
To feel the air on my face as I take on my life.
I have always carried this feeling around.I have not let go.It has been difficult. Yet I wonder.

Can we still recover?

If we loved each other
We would find victory
But in this harsh reality
I only know my weakness.
It makes me, want to go.

Look to the sky that is where we shall fly
With God's love you and I shall survive.
Come what may.

I know I can fly. I have also felt your warm wings embracing me while on the air. Shall I ever feel this way again?
I know it is the answer to my prayers is it yours aswell....

May 5 2010.....

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