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Journal of Marisela (1865)

Wednesday January 13, 10

We can only,and always Love,Loved Ones

10:32 PM

It sure is difficult when life and hmmm, harshness?, hits from a family member.
It simply feels worse then a deep cut. That, I can easily take and forget without my heart breaking. No matter what, I have no choice but to accept the things that happpen around me,with family members. I will not give up on you. The way people behave can hurt. It hurts even more because I know you shall have to learn the hard way. I don't know what It could be. I have always been one that has my doors with my heart open. This is not my example. You are being a hurtful person to some people that should mean more to you and you only hurt yourself. Anytime you need me, I will be here. Maybe insecurity? A desire that cannot be satisfied? Your own skin? Your Job? Just you being moody? Wow, I have been there at certain times in my life. But I would not reject you nor anyone intentionally.Much less a loved one. I may have made some wrong desicions in my life but they all had a good reason behind it.Now, yes we are adults. There had to have been a logical reason if it was hurt or got you angry. I recall she wanted to stay with my sister. I said "fine". That was so many years ago. You say that hurt you? Have you ever stopped to think what you did to your family.Each one Idividually? I know it was not All a mistake, It was just life hitting us in the face. Yet, Now why? There has to be a terrible emotions reacting badly towards something or someone or maybe even me.:( If it is me. What can I say but sorry?
Oh well, I shall never forget but I can only forgive (gulp) But I hope it does not come to you as hard but that you some day learn to be a better and more giving person. Such as I have insisted and tried to do with my life.I wish you a life of hope and prosperity. No matter what even if I am hurt very hurt.. Like, I felt my heart ache! Yet, it is life. We all can talk just vainly,Like the air that passes our face It can feel god in a nice hot summers day. You, I, will go on. I will love you no matter what.
Bye....for now

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