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Journal of Marisela (1865)

Tuesday November 24, 09

You'll rise and shine, so do not mope.

10:33 AM

They Say NEVER say NEVER!
There are just certain things in our life and each and everyone has their moral.
So, one thing and it's a saying!
Never Lose Hope!
I look at it this way. Each life will have tears like rain, many, right!?
So, they must fall.
There's joy and pain. We can all recall.
Life's full of challenges then surprises and unexpected situations. We must let people come our way, to keep sane.
They can help with huge matters and small situations.
This way you (I) can overcome them, ALL.
We will and we MUST!.

Put everything in perspective.
See things clearly, be positive.
Life's wonderful!
Plenty of teaching and smiles to pass on.
Plenty to see and wonder about.
Goals!, dream about thing that can be achieved.
Leave the past, It is to the future we must move onto.
No regrets!
Just wisdom gained, focus.
"Everything happens for a reason",

This is so true.
It's yours(Mine).
They say tomorrow is a brand new day.
This also is true. Aww, always a new dawn.

Change your direction.
Duh... haha
Look at life on with a brighter and better focus.
Life will always bite at some point. Yet, when we are in reality. We have a better focus on what we must do.
No burden's too great, you, (I), Can cope.
In time.....Time, awww yes. such a good pomade.
Wounds will heal. So Marisela do not mope.
You'll rise and shine for now,
Never lose hope!!!

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