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Journal of Marisela (1865)

Monday September 28, 09

This I Love

12:07 PM

I got to a point when I wanted you more then you were willing to give.
But now we will go separate ways, for we have our lives to live.
I will cherish the bond we shared.
For I do realize that this friendship was real, blemished and intact.
I wish I could turn back time, for I know I neglected our friendship, somehow.
I will always be a friend to you.
For I shared sincere smiles and laughter's and even my sadness es.
I will never doubt you in my heart,
Our fight has become a painless scar.
Our friendship is disappearing like an echo in the night.
What shall I do?
Shall I take courage and try to make it right?
It is hard to lose such a friend.
But hurting you is my worst fear.
If such a case I do not matter.

((Isn't it amazing how we can go through so much emotions at certain points in our lives..
I sure remember when I wrote this! haha
Yes This I Love..That is a song by Guns N Roses))

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