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Journal of Marisela (1865)

Wednesday September 16, 09


10:37 PM

I'm listening to Pierre by The Dresden Dolls..:)
I have been up to much in my life and well I think I want to talk about it..After all you are My Journal:)..
I've Had it pretty hard at times But I am Happy I have gone and tried my best.. I Love with a Passion and I can hate just as much.. I guess this makes me a Libra..Yeah..
I have had M In My Heart and he has has mine in his.
How is that possible?
My life has taken me through some great people, In work family and friends..
Now I find myself loving.. I have loved for a long time and I have had to go through some great changes. But It's worth It to me.
Haha I am listening to Guns N Roses.."sweet child of mine.."
Right on..
I met a man today he just moved into town..Pretty cool he is involved with the Art scene here in Long Beach..But is actually from London.. I had a meeting with The Art world tonight.. I met the Council man, I thought that was pretty cool..
And Antonio Ruiz Is just an awesome man.I highly respect his work and I love his family..Fine respectable, people very opened minded and a son that inspires..Nice..
I seen Jane Galloway which is also, a very creative and inspiring artist..It was a pleasure to see her tonight.
And, Well as I was trying to put it here well I know M will read this......
you have my heart so give it back! haha Oh Just hurry up and call me.
anyhow... I have to go to sleep soon. I work tomorrow and well I have a lot to talk about at work and with The Cook!:)
lol. well ......That is another story I must write about!
Anyhow Here is another song!

Now this is cool...:)
Love this song!

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