Marisela (1865)

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Journal of Marisela (1865)

Monday September 14, 09

Just A Dream

12:46 PM

I close my eyes and bring my mind to ease,visioning myself on a beach. It is quiet,It's consistent.
To just, be..
I'm walking through the whirls of the wind as they're carrying me down the shoreline..
Opening my arms I spin and dance with the wind.
Feeling free and my souls uplifting.
I stop and look to my right as the oceans inviting me in..
Glancing above, I see the sun as it holds no prejudice against me..
Sharing all of its warmth,I continue to walk on this peaceful sand..While my hair leaves my shoulders to fly free in the wind,as my body absorbs the salty air.
I dream myself into your arms,where I gatherd a sense of security.
The touch of your hand to mine,is something I will never forget..
Its that special feeling I cherish so much in my heart..
I open my mind to where I want to be.
Nothing seems more right,than here with you.
Soon the alarm goes off and my eyes open..
Its was a dream..
One spent with [email protected]

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