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Thursday October 09, 08

John Lennons Birthday honored by Yoko Ono With a Light!

11:53 AM

What a great thing to happen.. Especially at this time of such economical crises,voting and War war war war!..

Yoko Ono began a project a long time ago in honor of John Lennon,
Such a Loyal women.

lol, I sure remember me not liking Yoko Ono when I was a little girl. As a child you tend to read very superficially and listen to what other adults have to say.Oh and I listened carfully! uggg
Unfortunately I was moved by many closed minded people..
People not accepting change, with little or no inspiration about life and careing for our earth, running with technology and such.
I was born in a time of much racism and I did get to see many things while growing up.
I was raised in the middle of East Los Angeles where we had terrible riots. Much oh so much Confusion!
I am a flower child. I suppose I find pride in that much. I was born in a time where History will always see as a time of change and transitions.

The Beatles were always a hit in my home. My mom loved Rock and Roll,I was growing up in the 70's Imagine..
"Imagine" is a song by John Lennon, which appears on his 1971 album, Imagine.

I was just a tater tot!:)
Yet, I remember my uncle Ralph going to vietnam.Then my eldset brother went to the Army in hmm 1974.. Vietnam was over. Thank God the sky the Air the trees the energy many of us had to be warriors.
I also can remember the times. Music, television, fashion..
I must have been in kindergarten.. Wow I remember sitting on the porch waiting for the mailman to get there so as to get the mail..haha I just remembered receiving that special letter with a picture of my uncle Ralph,, Ralph Masias. Very good looking uncle.. I knew he was a Hero!
I guess I have always liked mail.
Now we have Computers!
And I have so much spam that It gets just as bad as sitting in front of the Tele now a days with a million commercials being forced into my brain! Uggg
I hate having soooo much propaganda..
But, I guess it is best to keep up then to have to ketch up! lol
Silly joke....
Anyhow, Now I have the privileged to keep Up with This wonderful artist Yoko Ono through myspace.. This was the reason John fell so in love with Yoko Ono. She has true passion strong willed and determined to make a statement.Her statements are oh just so easy.. so easily understood.. None of the beating around the bush sort of things.. Original yet no not original.. well yes but. easy to understand yet deep and easy to swallow. Nothing forced!...
I truly admire her for her Loyalty and determination to make us better human beings.
For wanting and hoping and being the Human being that is so needed.
We all need Inspiration ..
Inspiration and hope to move on.
I mean how terrible are we. We can bomb and destroy life and living so easily.
this earth can be destroyed easily by man now up to 5 times.. Yet we only need one push of a button..
What a sad sad world..
We are worse then animals. We want to kill each other.
**It takes Guts to be gentle and kind***..
Yes, Viva Morrissey, for that!

Power comes to those from with in. Not from being harsh and racist and arrogant and not careing There is power that can detroy and power that can inspire our souls..
It comes from love.
A special love that comes from adding all we have all our being and existence into this outer shell of skin,this motivation which is called Love.

I want to give Peace a chance..
Yes, I must hope and trust and walk in paths where many are learning oh so many things in life. Some good some bad....
I shall make it a point to share something special today, tomorrow and well always.. I shall try my best.I shall not give up. For I have learned so much in my life that. Yes It keep me grounded, somehow I am still here like a plant that has wilted needs water and I get it when things like this come my way..:)
I feel very happy and honored to know what I know,

I take the cue from certain people I know!:)

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