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Journal of Marisela (1865)

Tuesday September 09, 08

7 years flown on.!

03:39 PM

Amazing, how time flys..
7 years is a long time now..
5 was a lot..
and I barely have understood how and why and where and when and this and that.
I can almost remember her and not hurt so bad..
unless I remember.
I will always miss her.
She was so needed in my life..
and Obviously my brothers life..
He just now text messaged me to say that it is 7 years today..
He misses our mom A whole lot to! :(
He still is going through a rough time.
He said that Mom would have been proud of our kids.
I thank my lucky stars to have him!
Him and I have always had a special bond.
and I am sure that my sister Alma does to.
Because no matter how much time goes by.. when we see each other..
Well we really just take it from where we left off..
that is awesome..
Although I would say she is not to happy at this moment..
She even wrote me through Myspace!
I had a great day..
I love you Momma and I d hope you have seen our Kids...

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