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My Life With Morrissey… Well, I’m a twenty-something fun loving heterosexual crazy chick who luvs the 80’s, mingling, laughing, partying, cocktails, clove cigarettes, music and of course MORRISSEY!!! I have adored the man since I was 14. My first Smiths CD was the Queen Is Dead, I’ve had my heart broken to Viva Hate and life was a party through Bona Drag! I guess I found myself during the Kill Uncle years (KU is soo special to me, why doesn’t that album get the respect it deserves?) Anyway, my life from Your Arsenal through Vauxhall and I is a total blur. I love the Smiths and Moz-solo. I listen to Moz everyday because it makes me, oh so very happy. Current picks are Hatful of Hallow, My Early Burglary Years, Maladjusted and bootlegs galore! I also love all sorts of other music (80’s Mod, British Oi, ska, Spanish and English [American] rock ) going to concerts, social gatherings, traveling, meeting new & interesting people. Turn ons: Smith’s ballads *sigh*, great conversation, charm, intellect, modesty, morals, and a sense of humor. Turn offs: Arrogance, ignorance, lies, posers, cheapo's, guys who can’t dance and who have poor taste in shoes *giggles* "And if I seem a little strange, well, that's because I am."

Lady Morrissey (7237)

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Another Day Passes Like A Dream, Wednesday November 19 2003, @05:46PM (0 comments)

Loving this autumn weather…it makes me so sleepy.

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