Journal of Lady Gaz (7577)

Saturday June 11, 05

I am still right here...

10:32 AM

Yes, It has been ages since my last entry. I've just been too busy doing, well, absolutely NOTHING. Well, nothing productive, anyway. So let's do a little recap...what's happened in my world?

On Moz' birthday, I had me heart set on going to the SATH show. So the English Gent & myself drove an hour to Hollywood only to learn that the damn show was sold out. We drove a block away to Moz' house, where we found loads of glads and a box of Coronas. Nice gifts, eh? Well, we were about to head out to our fave hang out joint, Denny's, when a car pulled up, and we heard a few girls screaming. I thought, yea right, like I would be so lucky...So I walk down his steps, onto the street, and guess who pops out of the passenger side? I wanted to die! So I got loads of photos, and drove all the way home with a huge smile. Ah, that was a lovely evening...

Last Sunday, we spent the day at the Enlish Pub, in honour of Lord Steven Noble's birthday. It was loads of fun, and the Irish Nachos were delightful!

Er, I can't really think of anything else, really. Happy Birthday (yesterday) Elvira! Hope you're having a fabulous time in Sin City!

Well, I am in the office, so I will return to my duties. Good to be back!


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