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Sunday October 10, 10


01:53 PM
True Love,Does anyone believe in it anymore?
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  • If there is someone in particular. and you feel you want to love them. Then take the cue and let go!
    If there is no one in particular. Then just keep enjoying the feeling you have of wanting to show this sort of love you feel is right for you.. I hope you do fall in love..

    I still believe, Yet I have not found the person I can love.
    1 he sort of scares me, yet he is very persistant.
    2.He is to far and never speaks up.
    3.Another! Is very far and well it is silly to him and never believed me. Or just does not want me. Boo for him. And I am to much of a lady to beg. Plus I do not feel I should ever forget I am a lady.
    4. I know him well. He is also far and I would love him right now.
    I would say it is a matter of making it happen when the feeling is right.
    Take the cue and do not lose out from doing what it is you want to do.
    We all have our hang ups. Yet , it can happen!:)
    Marisela -- Sunday October 10 2010, @02:42PM (#357725)
    (User #1865 Info)
  • Is just - Oscar Wilde. There is no "Lord" before the name Oscar Wilde. But, it's nice to see someone new and active on the journals.

    By the way, are you by chance a James Dean fan?
    hand in glove -- Monday October 11 2010, @04:36PM (#357788)
    (User #827 Info)
    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • "true love travels on a gravel road....."
    Anonymous -- Monday October 11 2010, @08:52PM (#357795)
  • I don't even know that that means? True? As oppose to what, false love, meaning no love at all so then it's not love? Yet any kind of love is love? Isn't all love true, meaning it's a feeling? We don't say True fear, true jealousy true anger???? Why do we say true only about love?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 12 2010, @04:13AM (#357809)
    • Re:True love? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 13 2010, @07:57AM
  • " I really don't know and I really don't care. "
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 16 2010, @12:58AM (#358031)
  • love is love...
    love is pain
    love may blind you
    love may crush you
    love is cruel yet insane
    love is love...
    love is pain

    MozzerDoll -- Monday November 15 2010, @11:07PM (#358986)
    (User #23758 Info)
    "P.S. Bring me home and have me"
  • lol You all are funny.

    I was, once in love.. Yes, I still can remember.It was not miserable. Many years went by. I was happy and in love. Pero El queso estuvo viejo y podrido, Y no hubo mas. Nimodo.. haha
    But it was all worth it.I had 3 wonderful kids.

    I could never be bitter. No matter what.
    I am a doomed Libra! That loves a daring heart. It is all just life and Love. If you can have It even for 4 yrs. it just may be a good thing.

    Marisela -- Saturday December 04 2010, @08:39PM (#359757)
    (User #1865 Info)

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