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Monday May 09, 05

Well, it's not a base 'ball'

09:46 PM

"Philadelphia Phillies Outfielder Bobby Abreu reportedly broke of his engagement after discovering that his fiancee, a former Miss Universe showed up on a porn site.

Think that might present a problem or two?

Look, there are certain things that might cause you to rethink an impending marriage, like her spending habits and does she wants kids or not at all.

Little did Abreu know that his Fiancée would show up on a porn site right before the wedding. A lot of guys I know might be into dating a porn star, rolling with one, maybe even getting with one but I've never met anyone who wanted to marry one, spend the rest of their life with one, or have her be the mother of their kids. When you go online late at night by yourself, you know to check your email because you can’t run into your future wife in cyberspace."

Porn stars who want to meet baseball players? No way!

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