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  1. Bernie Slaven former Middlesbrough and Republic of Ireland footballer has a new publication coming out on October 29th.Bernie played 382 games, scoring 147 goals for Middlesbrough and earned 7 caps for The Republic of Ireland. He is the 6th highest goalscorer in MIddlesbrough Football Clubs 140 year history.
    As a self proclaimed Morrissey fan, who was born in the month of November, the title of his new publication is November Spawned a Monster, which was a single by Morrissey back in 1990.
    In a chapter in the new book titled " A musician instead of a footballer " Bernie talks about quizzing Middlesbrough Boxer Cornelius Carr, who appeared on the backdrop of Morrissey's tour and was on the album cover For the World of Morrissey and also played the lead role in the Boxers video.To find out more about this book follow Bernie on Twitter @ bernieslaven

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