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  1. Day 1 Ready for the off, I do like things that match.

    Look who’s in the British library, ok in my hotel room opposite the British library but I’m allowed a little poetic licence, it’s not as if “others” haven’t blurred the lines of true once in a while.

    Day 2 I’ve found somewhere safe to keep my ticket before a whistle stop journey through Germany, Bonn, Cologne, Frankfurt ....... oh no GERMANY, and after the recent statements !, oops. Oh well, here goes....big breath, it’s time ...... page 1.....
    Oh wow the line on page 2/3 “The years pass as quickly as the sentence that describes their speed, yet you can not believe it until you very suddenly look behind you and see a space once relied upon as been the future”. I really, really like that line.

    Day 3 overnight in Nuremberg, rest assured there were no rallies attended, let’s just move on from that subject and into Austria, oh no the country of birth of......... are we really back on that subject again ......but on the good news front I’m on to page 11

    Day 4 Vienna, as I sit on a sun deck I read “Humans, on the other hand, live entirely upon repayment of favours (English spelling please Mr. M), and on a costly demonstration of superiority that thrives on divine punishment” I think to myself, here I am listening to a playlist of guess who that I made for a car journey to Manchester, scheduled for 7th July, I paid for a ticket but got nothing in return so for a punishment I turned off my Manchester playlist and put the Stone Roses on shuffle.

    Day 5 Still in Vienna and I’m up to page 41, have found I’m not having to read, re read and then read again every paragraph, the tale is starting to flow better for me and I have found it a lot easier without listen to music at the same time.

    Day 6 Bratislava today, we’ve just been told we can’t get to Budapest as the river levels are too low so they will take us to Salzburg instead. And I have reached page 100, yes that page and that description but then again I think we are all familiar with the scene so no shocks there.

    Day 7 Mission accomplished, it was ok, think it revealed as much about the author as the autobiography. Will I read it again ? Possibly, I have read Autobiography a few times, each time I have learnt something different.

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