Will I or Won't I... Get in Bed With Oscar This Year?

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**Update ~ February 22, 2012 ~ Great article exposing the Academy's membership demographics. Not surprisingly, voters are overwhelmingly white, middled aged men. This explains why an edgy movie like Drive was overlooked. My guess is that it was never even viewed by the majority of these voters. Remember, these are the same folks who awarded The Kings' Speech Best Picture last year. Gag!

*Update January 24, 2012 ~ The Nominations are pathetically disappointing. I'll be sitting this one out. Tilda and her film have been overlooked. Instead we have Rooney Mara and Moneyball. End of update.*

Oscars 2011.

I said I wouldn't. I may have lied. The temptation is so great. Although I successfully snubbed the Globes, Oscar is hard to resist. If you recall, last year's choices of winners made my head spin, forcing me to stage a boycott of future Academy Awards. I'd decided then that I wasn't gonna play the game anymore. It was no longer fun. And it is corrupt, or at the very least, the voters surely have poor tastes in movies and/or are a bunch of sycophants too happy to kiss up to The Punisher-- aka God--Harvey Weinstein. Ah, who am I kidding? The same shtick is gonna go down this year--especially being that The Punisher has his paws on a handful of major releases i.e. My Week With Marilyn, The Iron Lady, and The Artist--all sure to be nominated for Academy Awards this year, just as they were for The Golden Globes.

Tomorrow is the big day. Nominations for the 84TH Academy Awards will be announced. Will I vote? I am registered, ya know. How about this... if Tilda Swinton is nominated for Best Actress for We Need to Talk About Kevin and the film is also nominated for Best Picture, then I will cast my ballot. Just be forewarned, I may be bitching and moaning once again when the highly-overrated--with an unrealistic dialog and a tediously annoying soundtrack--The Descendants, steals the win for Best Picture. It's almost a given--Clooney has earned his dues, right? And the Academy is pleased as punch that Alexander Payne has resurfaced after his seven year hiatus. Must reward him--positive reinforcement works!

Does this blog post seem a bit snarky? I suppose it is. But you should have seen what I was gonna write about before I switched gears. I'll give you a sample. This is what I was going to title it: Let's Piss on Monday. Convinced?
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