where to next? & 6 months of music

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So I will likely be being moved to another host family when I return here from my Cali Vaca in September. I don't know if it will still be this town or not. The change will be good, hopefully.
Its got me thinking though, I need to start thinking about where I can go once I leave here(Georgia) at the end of the year. :confused:
I just noticed its a little past the 6 month mark, so:
not much surprise in the top spot, but much of my listening to:
Apop, YYYs & Hikki seems to have been replaced with:
Emilie Simon, Lana Del Rey & PJ Harvey
I frequently listen to a mix of E.Simon and PJ before I go to bed.
It relaxes as I do my breathing exercises.

woa, I really love that Lana Del Rey track and the new Regina Spektor single
also, bit embarrassing to see "Tik Tok" that high, just can't help it
sometimes it helps me wake up...
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