TV Talk ~ Girls Season 2

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Episode 1 ~ It's About Time ~ January 13, 2013

Guys on Girls ~ Is this show becoming a network sitcom with nudity?

Episode 2 ~ I Get Ideas ~ January 20, 2013

Guys on Girls ~ Does Hannah really think we live in a post-racial world?

In Defense of Marnie, the Most Hated Girl on Girls

All the ways Lena Dunham has (maybe!) given the finger to her critics so far.

Episode 3 ~ Bad Friend ~ January 27, 2013

Is it possible to like this show if you can’t stand Hannah?

Video clip: Where the Magic Happens

Episode 4 ~ It's a Shame About Ray ~ February 2, 2013

Will the characters on this show ever grow up?

Episode 5 ~ One Man's Trash ~ February 10, 2013

Was that the worst episode of Girls ever?

Was that the best episode of Girls ever?

Episode 6 ~ Boys ~ February 17 , 2013

Are the men on this show interesting? Are they even men?

Episode 7 ~ Video Games ~ February 24, 2013

Is Hannah growing up? Is Jessa a child?

Episode 8 ~ It's Back ~ March 3, 2013

Are the characters on this show consistent? Should they be?

Episode 9 ~ On All Fours ~ March 10, 2013

Girls gets dark

Episode 10 ~ Together ~ March 17, 2013

Did men just save the day on Girls?
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