Trinity of Idiocy

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I'm on a roll. Why stop, when I still have fuel?

People irritate me. Not surprised? Good, you’ve been paying attention. Three types of people are currently on my hit list: Cyber Self-soothers, Pseudo Soothsayers, and Half-wit Leapers.

Cyber Self-soothers are those who regard facebook to be like MySpace. They collect friends. The more the merrier. Five hundred--even a thousand, is small potatoes. Anyone with less than a hundred must be a real loser. It’s quantity over quality. Never mind that they never interact with anyone on their lists. Developing real relationships is beside the point. It’s not who you know but how many you can get to accept your friendship requests.

Pseudo Soothsayers are those who offer unsolicited, cookie-cutter advice. They don’t care that the advice is too random--like cold calling. And it bothers them even less that you did not ask for their opinion. It is their mission in life to help you become a better person. Unfortunately they are not open to suggestions themselves and are rarely good role models nor true experts in any field.

Half-wit Leapers are those who leap before looking. These people are oblivious to the details. They go through life with blinders on. For example, I have a website that clearly states that emails sent, cannot be read. And yet, daily, I receive notices that someone has sent an email. Do they read the fine print? Heck, it’s not even fine print. It is posted at the top of the home page, in bold face print. Honestly, I am perplexed as to how these people manage to cross the street without falling into the potholes.
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